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Update: Discovery Of An 'Alien Body' Unearthed In Peru
Big Grin 
This is an update to this important story that the globalists are desperately trying to keep buried.

Update On The Discovery Of An 'Alien Body' Unearthed In Nazca, Peru
DNA testing on a body that was discovered has revealed that the body is a species that is unlike anything to have been found so far. In June 2017 a mummy was found in Nazca in Peru that showed signs of it being a species that have never been seen before.

Bodies Found All Have Three Fingers And Three Toes
Now a website by the name of Gaia. Com has revealed information along with footage about the finding of many bodies that have been mummified. The bodies are humanoid but they have only three fingers and toes and they have a skull that is very differently shaped when compared to that of modern-day human beings and those who were on Earth before. There are many scientists involved in the project and among them is Dr. Konstantin Korotov, professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at the Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. Korotov said that they had a mission in Peru that was very important and he had gone to Peru to join a group of scientists and professionals. He went on to say that when they had taken the body out of the box he was stunned.

[Image: ecb4eece1a49e265ecb72c4e782eb63519db109b...2300d4.png]