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DOOM Meter
Custom made CK live Realtime doom meter that predicts the current worlds state of DOOM at any given moment from sources around the world.

Various DOOM Levels :-
Heathy and amazing
Clean and Good
Moderate and sustainable
Evil and bad
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US Army Prepares Troops Deployed In South Korea For WMD Attack
Big Grin 
Doom on in the DMZ.  Godspeed to all there.

US Army Prepares Troops Deployed In South Korea For WMD Attack

Russia Today reports that the US military is continuing to prepare for another ground war on the continent. A recent procurement posting suggests that the US Army is seeking a contractor to train its forces in South Korea to respond to potential attacks involving a weapon of mass destruction. According to a contract proposal posted by the Army on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the Army’s 718th Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company (EOD) in South Korea should be taught to identify hazardous materials, “know how to perform basic control, containment and/or confinement operations,” and implement decontamination procedures

[Image: debe012995a0cb85d81d09139e88987f09ee8ee1...d17ca2.jpg]