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DOOM Meter
Custom made CK live Realtime doom meter that predicts the current worlds state of DOOM at any given moment from sources around the world.

Various DOOM Levels :-
Heathy and amazing
Clean and Good
Moderate and sustainable
Evil and bad
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Why don't you people want more out of life?
Big Grin 
It's sad you have nothing to offer but excuses and herd life.

yada yada yada, you know you love bombs going off, and people getting killed, for your money.  That's why you were socially engineered to be a good slave, and you laugh because you know you're a weak ass bitch that feels they have no chioce but to be used as a pawn.
Meow meow, keep thinking your accomplishing something with my page clicks.

I like keeping you fat and arrogant so that your enemies have an easier time slaughtering you.

I'm not helping anyone but peaceful honorable people, so good luck. No war has been won planning out the deaths of others, so you probably try thinking about how stupid is was to suggest otherwise.

Especially since honorable people, who happen to be muslim, only want to be released from the Islamic pathway...which requires an honorable pathway to substitute as a replacement, and you have't offered them one.

Pew pew pew, keep thinking guns and bombs will protect you. Every society that has fallen always assumed their superior technology would save them.

Keep repeating the fallacies of the past with bullshit propaganda. Unlike Israel, Bibi, and Mossad, Everyone who understands what degenerative art is knowz to stay az far away from Nazi bullshit and Hitler's philosophy as possible. It's a trap, dumb fucks. Stay away from that cursed shit. You know, like why else would pharaoh slaves had written that shit around the entry ways of tombs.

Duh, you got an edjewcation so you could get paid contractually not to understand romantic metaphors. All you know is retarded as spirituality because that's what stupid women feel you should go along with. Blind chivalry and unearned respect is going to get you killed.

Meow meow meow, you're welcome I don't take payoffs and hush money that increase your taxes, ungrateful whorez

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