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Custom made CK live Realtime doom meter that predicts the current worlds state of DOOM at any given moment from sources around the world.

Various DOOM Levels :-
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Evil and bad
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Post that gay 40 year Israeli technology operation plan here.
Big Grin 
Kitten Kitten Kitten
Hello 40 years of Israeli technology with a fancy operation name. Have you met a few hours of work by computer hackers rendering it worthless yet?

Like, less than a days work makes your shit scrap metal.

Good thing your jewish moms don't understand. Sorry, but reality doesn't provide links for your mothers side to feel comfortable about.

Oh well, at least GG gets paid to make gold star mums to feel comfortable about thier dead kids. Gold star mums don't mind thier kids dying since overpopulation propaganda was sold to their sensations after years of shell shock research by Tavistock.

Meow meow, look at me...I'm the undesirable bad guy the nazis, who killed some of your family
Told you about. Now serve marxism , and be sure to blame Russia for your own stupidity and lack of original ideas to evolve a new system of peaceful democratic governance . Gotta make sure North Korea is destroyed so there isn't any modern comparisons of the wests plan to tax people at 90%, just like Kim does.

You women are dumb to duplicate that samethings you throw stones at. I would say men, but there are none.

You're just a society of lying cowardly pussies who make excuses to live with the deathes of your own create propaganda enemies because that's all your politicians, preachers, rabbis, and athiest teachers can think off.

It must be sad to be you considering no moral fibers can be found in your body.

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