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DOOM Meter
Custom made CK live Realtime doom meter that predicts the current worlds state of DOOM at any given moment from sources around the world.

Various DOOM Levels :-
Heathy and amazing
Clean and Good
Moderate and sustainable
Evil and bad
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North Kor-who-a?
Big Grin 
So, whatever happened to the coming great world war with North Korea? The war to end all wars as Dr Kim Jong Evil ignites an EMP that shuts down the entirety of North America, denying us of the use of our smartphones and ability to summon cat videos and naked pics on demand?

I'll tell you what happened - it was a farce ... a distraction ... something to get us all off the prior nonsensical line of bull about Putin pulling the strings of global government or whatever line of dumb propaganda the Deep State was pushing thru the MSM before.  It's all bull because we need an enemy courtesy of the Deep State to give us a sense of purpose.

Did it ever make sense that some 2-bit fat twerp in an impoverished hellhole can suddenly threaten the entire planet because he collapsed a cave somewhere with a bomb that is 65 years out of date and can shoot a missile slightly farther than a cheap Walmart water rocket? No, it did not, but it was good for drumming up fear in the mouth-breathing masses, or a laugh in the tiny minority that can actually think for themselves.
Big Grin 
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