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How much do federal agents make allowing ISIS to kill soldiers?
Big Grin 
Slash Slash Slash Slash Slash
Who cares. It's obviously enough to replace the shit they hack for no reason. Especially since they don't have a plan to stop terrorism.

Think can't stop police perjury, kidnapping, or child raping preists in America, yet somehow you'll stop terrorism telling lies and hiding from reality.
Only cowards and pussies collect information.

Terrorism is your problem. I'm a "criminal", so I'm going to do the criminal thing, and keep laughing when you get bombed and acid attacked.

Oh well, you probably should stop lying if you want to avoid it.

Let me know when have something nice to say me.

Meow meow, look at me. People I don't know are planning to slaughter you, and they will be successful since you have no plan to proactively work to stop them.

Now show me on a map how wide sharia law and no go zones have spread since you were provided a job creating lies about me.

Meow meow mdowe, it's sad how much you lie for money avoiding terrorism, but what else are worthless people going to do?

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