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Custom made CK live Realtime doom meter that predicts the current worlds state of DOOM at any given moment from sources around the world.

Various DOOM Levels :-
Heathy and amazing
Clean and Good
Moderate and sustainable
Evil and bad
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  • 1 Vote(s) - 5 Average Nuclear Warfare
Big Grin 
(09-03-2017, 03:25 PM)Hung Likable Wrote: Will we, as sovereign kingdoms, be able to buy nukes and missiles on credit, thereby enslaving our kingdoms to the central banker elites at Conspiracy Kingdom who want to control the world, and then when we file bankruptcy and default on our loans the CKMF (Conspiracy Kingdom Monetary Fund) will forgive our debts and make others (who stupidly saved their karma points for a rainy day and early retirement) pay for all my nukes thus ruining their responsible lives ... just like in the real world?

I love the ideas you have and I asked the developer once nuke sytem is in place we can use that as a test run, Kingdom will add tons more and so a thread will appear soon just for that and I would like you or anyone to put in what you would like to see and how you would like things to work. Then the developer will take regular looks at your ideas and see if possible  Smile Smile

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